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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday, November 14, 2009 *editted 11/18

One year ago today....
At exactly a year ago to the minute I was pushing. I  had  begun pushing a couple mintues before actually.
At about 9 in the morning I had given up on the whole natural thing and got an epidural ( whatever they put in the IV before I got it is probably the best stuff ever). I went to sleep nad next thing I knew the nurse was waking me up and I was ready to push. All the doctors came in and after 15 mins of pushing my babygirl was born! I cried as they layed her on my chest, al of the sudden my life was complete!
She was born at 12:22pm
Weighed 8lbs 5oz
Was 19 3/4in
Apgar scores of 8 and 9
She was testing perfecct for everything!
I just couldn't believe how much in love with her I was....

*They took her to the nursery and Gary went with her. They brought me food to eat and wheeled me down to my room. I dont remember times too well, but at some point they brought her back to me and would come and check on me, Kamryn, and my pee "/. My mom had left for the night and my friend Amanda came to visit. When she got there Gary took her out to the hall and talked for a while. She came back in the room herself and told me that gary had to run back home for a little but he would be back. She watched Kamryn for me while I went to take a shower, and lucky for her during this time got to change Kamryn's first poop :).

At some point I during the night I found out that Gary had left to go talk to his boss. He got informed when he called out for that night that he had been fired- not for calling out but for eatting a chicken nugget! For some reason, I was very calm about this whole situation. I was mad at his boss and the reason he was being fired but I wasnt worried about him not having a job. Even though I would be on leave for 6 weeks with no income and he had been making all the money to cover the bills and mine was just the "play money" it would barley touch anything. But this little girl that I was holding in my arms was all that I was concerned with.

Gary finally got back and Amanda left. We aate and just spent time hold and watching our baby. He fell asleep on the chair that night as I held Kamryn on my chest. But could not fully fall asleep with her there and anytime I layed her down she would start crying, plus, the nurses coming in to check on me every 3 hours did not help. But the night seemed to go by quickly just watching my baby girl sleep.

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