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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I love how happy Kylie is all the time. I wish that I could be that happy.

Everything has fallen apart in this house. Is it the house? Gary and I were never like this before. Yes we have been here two years. So maybe the stress of two years of our relationship, plus loosing Kamryn, plus having Kylie, plus bills, jobs and school has done it too us. . . But something just doesnt seem right here. People we have know that used to live here before had bad relationship problem. Two couples we have kept in contact with after they moved have gotten better. The lady who lived in this house before us had problems-- our door has dents from where her bf beat the door with the baseball bat. There was even a lady a bout a year ago who killed herself. Could it be this townhouse? the building? Gary looked it up earlier today and found stories where events that happened in the past could affect people. I guess it is all what you believe in.

What is there to do? Can't move out have a lease til October '12. Too expensive to break a lease and even move out. And could moving actually solve the problems between us.

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