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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Maybe you should think before you speak...

I think about this lady from time to time.  Something about her response to my attitude bothers me no matter how much I try and forget it.

Gary and I had wanted a picture frame urn but they were either too small (they only used a pinch of ash to put in) or too big :(. So my aunt had given us the idea of putting Kamryn's urn in a picture box.  We had finally found one at Hobby Lobby. it was a box to put 5 pictures on the outside and held 5 photo albums on the inside (In the end we had the 5 pictures of Kamryn on the outside an two of the photo albums filled inside along with Kamryn's small pink box urn).  When we, My aunt, mom, sister, and me, went to check out the lady was making small talk. Talking about how she had to go pick up her kids once she got off in a little and blah, blah,blah.  Then she looked at me and said "Don't look so down. You look as if your world is ending." I just gave her a look with a the fakest smile I could plant on my face and she went to finishing up our  transaction.  OH how much there was I wanted to say to this lady.  My daughter had died a couple days earlier and I had her funeral the next day.  I so wanted to tell her this. Wanted to ask her how I should look with this now being my life. How would she look if she was planning her child's funeral instead of hoping that she gets off in time to pick them up from school.  I truthfully want to go back to this lady and tell her off.  But I don't remember her name nor what she looked like to be honest I don't remember very much of anything from that time in my life and talking to strangers was not something I was in the mood to do.

As random as this post may seem her comment even two years later will randomly just rub me the wrong way and tonight is just one of those night.  Lucky, I haven't had to deal with many heartless comments --as I know that many other BLM have.  I know that she probably had no idea that something so tragic has happened.  But maybe some people just need to think before they speak

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